Mind-Body Therapies

Please see About Dr. Nicholson to read about the extensive training and experience I have with the use of mind-body approaches.

Research indicates that 80 to 90% of medical visits are stress-related. Excellent for stress management, mind-body therapies are based on underlying values and beliefs such as:

People have an “inner healer” and the capacity to influence their health and general well-being for good or ill.

Activating a positive attitude and constructive lifestyle changes contributes to better recovery from existing illness and less opportunity for health problems to develop.

Self-aware individuals leading more balanced lives have an increased capacity to cope and to thrive in today’s busy world.

Mind-body approaches have proven effective in helping individuals of all ages:

  • manage stress better
  • have an enhanced quality of life
  • be less tense and emotionally reactive
  • develop healthier lifestyles
  • have healthier immune systems and thus be less likely to develop stress-related illnesses