Jan Nicholson has changed my life. Our work lifted me to another level where I can view what is most important in this life. She helped me to listen to my spirit. With her help, I have been able to pull myself out of a deep pit of self-pity, grief, and general dissatisfaction with my life. She has led me to a better version of myself by helping me to find the strengths inherent in my own spirit. I am healthier, happier, and mentally sharper thanks to our work together.” — D.J.

When you’re baring your soul in psychotherapy, it’s important to believe, truly believe that you won’t be judged by your psychotherapist. Ever. With Dr. Jan Nicholson, you can rest assured that she will safely guide you through your emotional turmoil with compassion and understanding. That’s why I have personally chosen to meet weekly with Jan. I trust her instincts and I know that she sincerely wants to help me heal my emotional wounds. I care very much about Jan and I appreciate her gentle approach and keen ability to listen with her heart. Jan is the most dedicated psychotherapist I have ever met and I recommend Jan to anybody who wants to enhance their emotional well-being.” — K.H.

“Jan has been vital to my life. When I came to her the first time, feeling unloved and unlovable, she listened to me with kindness and understanding, she laughed with me and virtually cried with me, and she allowed me to begin to feel the edges of a life I could want to live. Maybe other possibilities arise from that stillness that she has as a therapist, that kind of peaceful expectation that I will find the answer. Thanks to her confidence in my vision, I filled in details of my dream and moved from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest, driving solo the whole way with joy and music, and have found a home. I am still me, but I am taking a more generous approach to myself these days and feel much closer to knowing what a life can be.” — M.T.

Especially since it hit with such ferocity right before I came to see Dr. Nicholson, I am so pleased to say I am closer than I have ever been to being completely free of this panic disorder I have had for years. The anxiety and thought patterns I had created have been put to the wayside. I have been able to travel freely and feel very comfortable in everyday situations. My work is flourishing and my relationships are strengthening. I still try to use relaxation techniques, but also feel strength in the fact that she was able to help educate me in what was going on emotionally and mentally.” — J.C.

I am familiar with Dr. Nicholson’s teaching ability both from personal experience and from hearing comments from acquaintances of mine. She has an outstanding ability to connect with her listeners so they are at ease and motivated to share, discuss, and learn. Dr. Nicholson also has an incredible amount of experience to draw from which further enhances her teaching. She is a highly dedicated, knowledgeable, creative, and caring professional.” — C.K.

Jan Nicholson has changed my whole life!! I had given up and now I have found care and support.” — S.K.

“Your calmness and wisdom serve as a shining example, and an inspiration to me to create these changes in my own life.” – L.B., a Mind-Body class participant