Helping you create and live a life you love

As we grow up, most of us get farther away from the truth of who we are. To re-discover ourselves and to bring that forth into our lives and into the world  is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.

There are as many reasons to see a psychotherapist as there are people, yet the essential reason is to recover one’s true nature. If you decide to enter the therapeutic process with me, I consider it the deepest honor and privilege to accompany you on your healing journey.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for yourself or for a dependent, or if you would like to talk before making such a decision, please contact me at 202-230-1075. During this time of the pandemic, I am seeing everyone by telehealth.  If you live in a state covered by the PsyPact telehealth agreement, your insurance company may help to cover our sessions regardless of where you live. Feel free to ask me for the list of locations.