Couples & Group Counseling

With a background in Bowen family systems work and Imago relationship therapy, I work with couples, facilitating improved communication and the working through of interpersonal patterns that are not effective.

I have an online women’s group mentorship program, please call if you have an interest in learning more.  The social support provided by group work has been found to be a profound factor in healing. Dr. David Spiegel’s research on women with end-stage metastasized breast cancer treated in the 1970’s found that whether or not the women were in a support group was the most crucial factor in who had a better outcome. The women in support groups survived twice as long, living approximately 18 months longer than the other women.  

The women’s group mentorship program is to support women in the process of becoming someone who honors her own needs more of the time, trusts her insights and intuition, and who acts from her authentic self rather than from the part that wants to please others at her own expense. The group will be highly experiential, each meeting focusing on another aspect of a fearless approach to life: the integration of the masculine and the feminine aspects of the Self, assertiveness, discernment about what life is offering, development of healthy boundaries, releasing self-defeating patterns, making lifestyle changes that increase rest and relaxation. Guided imagery, energy awareness skills, meditative practices, and creative forms of self-expression will be part of the process.

The next group program called Wisdom in Leadership is open to both men and women who have positions of leadership in their work, and are ready to embrace a more holistic approach. It is geared for those who want to access their inner wisdom with greater ease and consistency, bringing it forth in their work in a way that inspires others to be on their growing edge as well.  I will be co-leading the group with Vernice Jones, a Master Certified Coach with years of experience in facilitating leadership development. Through poetry, parables, meditations, and subtle body practices with practical applications, we will guide the group in:

  • cultivating consciousness and awareness
  • discovering how to calm their nervous systems and shift their mindsets whenever they choose
  • stepping into leadership from a place of essential wisdom